Testing & Balancing

TAB (Test, Adjust, and Balance), is a fundamental requirement for proper building operation. Mechanical systems as designed and installed are analogous to a rough stone- it is the TAB process that polishes that stone to turn it into a diamond. Equipment is started by the installing contractor, but those start up procedures do not include proper setting of fan speeds and adjustment of distribution systems. Properly adjusted equipment and systems use less energy and perform far better from a performance and acoustic perspective than non adjusted systems.

At CCI, we provide all of the required TAB services for total system balancing. Since building space loads often vary with each change of season and throughout the day, the total system, which includes both the air and hydronic portions of the system, must be balanced along with all satellite systems (such as exhaust systems operating independently in the same conditioned space).

CCI also performs duct leakage testing and witnessing for all systems. Duct leakage is a major source of energy waste in buildings, not only for high and medium pressure ducts but low pressure duct systems as well. Proper coordination between the various building trades is essential for a successful project. Having CCI involved early is essential to a successful project.

CCI is certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), and performs all testing and balancing procedures in accordance with the latest edition of the NEBB procedural standards as well as the project specifications. Test results are provided in easy to read written reports with legends to identify each device tested. Deficiency reports are distributed throughout the testing process with clearly identified issues and drawings indicating where those issues occur.

CCI can also provide assistance to the design and construction team in layout of necessary TAB devices and identification. Properly coordinating all TAB devices and equipment identification saves confusion not only in the TAB process, but through all phases of construction including shop drawing/ submittal generation and review. CCI can also provide TAB reviews of construction documents to ensure that the system as intended to be installed can be properly tested at the conclusion of construction.

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