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About Complete Commissioning Inc.

Complete Commissioning, Inc. (CCI) is a Commissioning Provider offering a holistic understanding of commissioning with a keen insight on integration of building envelope and mechanical and electrical systems. CCI establishes benchmarks and performance standards for building management by performing as providers for:

Commissioning for new construction facilities


Retro-Commissioning for existing facilities not previously commissioned


Re-Commissioning for existing facilities that have been previously commissioned


Continuous Commissioning


LEED™ Fundamental Commissioning


LEED™ EA Prerequisite 1


LEED™ Enhanced Commissioning


LEED™ EA Credit 3

Why CCI?

Today’s buildings and systems are complex. The proper integration of systems and controls within a building requires a multitude of skill sets, personnel, and expertise. Our competitors perform commissioning by assembling documentation of work performed by others because they rely on the technical expertise of others to verify system operation. Their area of expertise is the commissioning process itself. At CCI, we believe building owner’s deserve better. As a technical commissioning provider, our commissioning personnel have a thorough understanding of the engineering principles involved in the project design, detailed knowledge of the construction methods used in building the system, and an intimate understanding of system controls and integration. Many of our personnel are also certified in sound and vibration, as well as testing and balancing. We know what it takes to make buildings perform properly, and we have a passion for doing it. With building operating and energy costs at an all time high, you can’t afford not to call CCI!

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