Northrop Grumman Office Building Addition

Salt Lake City, UT

Location of Project: Salt Lake City, UT
Owner: Northrop Grumman Corporation
Owner Address: Electronic Systems, P.O. Box 1693, Baltimore MD 21203
Owner Representative: Patrick Kelly, Facilities Engineering Manager
Owner Phone Number: 410-765-4618
Commissioning Authority: Complete Commissioning, Inc.
Date Awarded: February 2010
Date Complete: July 2011

Having provided previous commissioning services to Northrop Grumman for local facilities, we were asked by them to commission an office building addition at their facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. The building is two stories in height, ±52,000 square feet.  HVAC systems are packaged air cooled chillers tying into an existing chiller plant, new hot water boilers, new steam boilers serving both the addition and existing building, and new VAV large air handling units. The tenant floors are served by single duct VAV boxes with hot water reheat and constant volume hot water reheat coils.  Facility will be LEED™ certified in accordance with LEED™ New Construction V 3.0 checklist and coordinated with the LEED™ Coordinator.

Systems being commissioned are as follows:

  • HVAC Equipment, including an air cooled chiller, gas fired condensing hot water boiler, steam boilers, deaerator tank, HVAC pumps, AHU’s, steam and electric humidifiers, building automation system, existing and new chiller plant controls, etc.
  • Plumbing Equipment, including gas fired water heaters and an electric water heater
  • Lighting Equipment, including interior and exterior lighting types, lighting controls including BAS interface, and occupancy sensors

The LEED™ Fundamental Commissioning (EA Prerequisite 1, LEED™ New Construction V 3.0) process included the following tasks:

  • Serve as individual CxA to lead commissioning process activities
  • Review of BOD and OPR documentation for completeness.
  • Incorporation of commissioning requirements into construction documents
  • Develop detailed commissioning testing 
  • Commissioning plan development, construction phase.
  • Commissioning test form development with Construction Team
  • Commissioning meeting coordination
  • Commissioning log generation and distribution
  • Pre Functional Test (PFT)
  • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) Verification
  • Functional Performance Testing (FPT)
  • 100% of main equipment such as chillers, boilers, air handling units, pumps and water heaters
  • 25% of terminal units such as heating coils, VAV terminals, unit heaters, lighting fixtures and controls
  • Final Commissioning Report/ Closeout Documentation

We were also asked by the Owner to prepare a Measurement and Verification Plan, and provide calculation and documentation for the targeted LEED™ credits to assist the Owner in LEED™ document upload. 

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